What dashboard warning lights mean

There are a number of different lights and symbols that can appear on your dashboard to warn, inform and guide you.

Some of them have clearer meanings than others – knowing exactly what the issue is will help you prevent breakdowns and running out of oil, fuel or other fluids.

Here is a selection of the dashboard symbols you need to pay attention to:

General warning light
This accompanies most other lights and symbols to get the driver's attention.

Oil pressure

The warning for oil pressure also advises you about the quantity of oil remaining in the engine system. When this light is showing, the engine should be switched off immediately or as soon as safely possible to prevent engine damage.

Low Fuel

As well as showing on your fuel gauge, when you're very close to running out of petrol or diesel this light appears.

Battery problems

Should the battery stop charging for any reason and be in danger of running flat, you'll see this light. Head to a specialist service centre in the first instance to have this problem resolved.

Front airbag problem

A fault with the front airbag and the disabling function is a major safety hazard as well as an automatic MOT failure, so it's important to look out for this symbol. In some cases, the light is amber – this is typically when the manual disabling function has been used.

Seatbelt and door reminders

In many cases these symbols will show as a result of a passenger failing to close the car door or fasten their own seatbelt correctly. The driver takes responsibility for all passengers under the age of 14, so it's important to make sure everyone's buckled up and the doors are fully closed before setting off.

ABS and Traction warning lights

Faults with the braking and traction control are respectively represented by these warning lights. The ABS light will usually flash on during engine ignition but will switch off quickly.

To have issues resolved, or to understand lights and symbols appearing on your dashboard and identify potential problems, please visit or contact your closest Lookers service centre.