What to do about car vandalism?

How to handle car vandalism?

It is estimated that up to thirty per cent of motorists suffer from vandalism issues every year. Most of these problems are minor, such as a snapped aerial or scratches and many of them go unreported to the authorities.

Car Vandalism and insurance

Most insurance companies offer vandalism cover, as standard and vandalism issues tend not to affect a drivers no claims bonus. For this reason, you should always inform your insurer if you have suffered from any vandalism issues, as they will be able to cover the repair costs. In some cases there will be conditions, such as having to go to a specific garage to have the damage repaired.

Reporting car vandalism

One of the most important things to do if you experience any type of vandalism is to report the issue to the authorities as soon as possible. It is estimated that up to 58 per cent of vandalism problems are not reported; this is because many people have little faith that the criminal will be caught and charged with the crime. Even if the authorities cannot act, it is important that there is a record of the crime for insurance purposes.

Taking precautions

There are a number of simple procedures that you can follow in order to reduce your chances of suffering at the hands of vandals. They include parking your car in a well-lit area, not leaving any belongings on show and parking on your driveway or in the garage, if you have one. One of the main problems people have with vandals is getting smashed wing mirrors. One way to prevent your car's wing mirrors from being damaged is to tuck them in. Having an alarm system installed in your car is also a great way to deter criminals from causing problems.

Neighbourhood watch

Neighbourhood watch schemes are a good way to ensure that other people look out for your vehicle. In the United Kingdom, up to 25% of houses are covered by this voluntary scheme. If your local area does not have neighbourhood watch in place, you can set one up yourself by contacting the National Neighbourhood Watch Association. Most areas that have such a scheme benefit from better street lighting and more frequent police checks. One of the other advantages is that members of the local community are more likely to keep an eye on your car and will be prepared to testify against criminals if they witness vandalism.