Preventing distractions will stop future accidents

Have you ever been distracted by your children fighting in the back seats while driving? Or have you been tempted to answer a quick text message at a red light? If so, you're guilty of one of the highest causes of accidents on the UK's roads: getting distracted.

It's far too easy to be lulled into a false sense of security when behind the wheel. However, distractions can mean the difference between spotting a motorbike in good time, or pulling out in front of one. In fact, government figures point to motorcyclists accounting for only one percent of traffic on our roads, but 19 percent of all road user deaths. This disproportionate figure illustrates the number of people who could have easily avoided serious or lethal collisions, had their attention not been diverted.

Another common distraction is children fighting or being too rowdy in the rear seats. As a parent, it is very difficult to discipline while driving, so why not pull over to deal with the situation properly? The youngsters will likely feel very bad for making you stop the journey, and if they are late for school you could let the teacher know the reason for this, to further send the message home

While children are sometimes distracting without even meaning to be, you only have yourself to blame if you use your phone while driving. Hands-free devices are now available all over the place, so there's no excuse to be caught phone in hand anymore – be it for texting or phoning someone.

Just being more aware of the many diversions that affect driving quality will make you a more cautious and, crucially, better motorist. To find out more you can speak to us at Lookers.