Five on-board features that make driving safer

Thanks to advancements made by all manufacturers, modern cars are now safer than ever. Here are five of the most notable innovations that have helped to make motoring safer – all features to consider when looking to purchase your next car.

Bluetooth interface

Driving while using a mobile phone by hand became illegal in the UK in 2003, which led to the widespread adoption of on-board Bluetooth interfaces in vehicles. By linking your phone to the system, you can remain connected and stay on the right side of the law.

Multi-function steering wheel

Today's vehicles offer a host of infotainment functions, which also means an increase in buttons and switches on the centre console. Multi-function steering wheels place key controls literally at your fingertips, meaning the audio system and other kit can be commanded without lifting your hand from the wheel.

Head-up display

A head-up display sees vital vehicle, navigation and other information projected directly onto the windscreen. With the system fitted to your car, your eyes never need to leave the road to check the speedometer or further key details.

Acoustic parking sensors

Acoustic parking sensors can be fitted to the front and rear of a car, and give an audible signal as you get closer to obstacles when parking. The feature removes the need to guess the gap between you and other vehicles or obstacles, making moving into spaces safer.

Tyre pressure monitoring system

Your tyres play a vital role in safety, and ensuring they are properly inflated is as important as meeting legal tread depth requirements. With a tyre pressure monitoring system, you will be warned when your car's tyres need inflating, allowing you to maintain optimum braking performance.

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