Why eye tests are important for regular drivers

It is a simple procedure that won't take too much of your time, but having your eyes tested on a regular basis could mean the difference between seeing a motorbike or not. If you feel you may need a change in your prescription, or have been suffering from regular headaches or blurry vision, it is imperative to book an eye test as soon as possible.

The government states that in order to drive, you are legally required to be able to read a car numberplate made after 1 September 2001, with contact lenses or glasses if necessary. The minimum standard which you need to drive is 0.5, or 6/12 on the Smellen scale. If you're worried that your sight doesn't meet these standards, get them tested so you can correct the prescription and make your driving much safer.

Failing to ensure that you meet the standards legally required could result in prosecution or a fatal accident. Testing your eyes once every two years, as most optometrists recommend, will highly decrease the likelihood of collisions occurring. However, if you have diabetes, are aged over 40 and have a family history of glaucoma, or are aged 70 and over, you should go to an opticians bi-annually to ensure your and others' safety.

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