Five things to check before a long journey

Before setting off on a longer journey, it's especially important to perform a quick maintenance check of your vehicle to ensure it's up to the task ahead. Here are the five key areas to look at to help ensure you remain safe and avoid a breakdown.


Oil is the lubrication that keeps your engine running smoothly, and without it you risk damaging the unit beyond repair. Checking the oil level is a quick and easy task that can be performed just before you drive away, and it could mean the difference between a memorable trip and one to forget.


Tyres are vital to safety on the road, as they're responsible for traction. Check the tyre pressure and tread depth to not only ensure safe performance, but that your car is legal and roadworthy.


Test your brakes and headlights to make sure following drivers are aware when you're braking, and to maintain maximum visibility during low light conditions. If you're found to have faulty lights, you could also face a penalty fine.

Windscreen washer fluid

Whatever the weather, keep your windscreen washer fluid topped up so you can keep the window clear from dirt and deposit build-up.


Finally, always make sure you have enough fuel to complete the journey ahead or to reach service stations on the way. Running out of fuel on the motorway places you and other road users in a potentially hazardous situation, and one that is avoidable.

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