Help keep cyclists and bikers safe around you

For other road users who don't have the protection and added safety of a car, taking to the road alongside your vehicle can be more risky. As well as following the Highway Code as you would usually, there are some other things you can do when you spot a bike to keep everyone safer.

Give people on bikes a little bit more room on the road where you can. Keep at a safe distance on both straights and in corners, and leave plenty of space if you're going to overtake. Be extra careful at junctions, especially for riders who are approaching from the opposite direction.

At traffic lights, you should leave room and stay out of the Advanced Stop Line box while the light is red. Keep an eye out for hand signals to indicate turning, and make eye contact if you can so that you know riders have seen your car.

Cyclists are advised to stay more than a car door's width from you in case you open the door suddenly. Take a look around before getting in and out of the car to make sure the road is clear.

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