How to prevent road rage

Don't let Road Rage ruin the day!

As the motorways and roads are becoming more crowded, the instances of road rage are becoming more frequent. While driving, people do sometimes let their emotions get the best of them and exhibit symptoms of road rage. Unfortunately, most drivers do not even realise that they have road rage.

Road rage is not simply aggressive driving. It can result in a criminal act of violence, ranging from tailgating to running red lights, to speeding. The number of car related deaths due to road rage is hard to track, but the estimates are high. People who experience road rage are often faced with increased health risks; however, if drivers stay aware there are many ways in which to prevent road rage.

Stay calm and breathe

It is not always easy to stay calm, but breathing exercises can definitely help. Getting the blood flowing with more oxygen can help to release tension. If drivers become stressed, it might be worth it to try a few deep-breathing exercises to help remove the frustrations.

Get enough sleep

When people do not get enough sleep, they can become moody. Moody people tend to have more road rage than those who remain calm throughout the day, so it is a good idea to try to get at least eight hours of sleep every night.


Listening to audio-books or relaxing music can help drivers to remain calm in stressful situations. An audio-book provides a slight distraction that can make the drive more enjoyable. Music has the same effect, although it is advisable to stay away from music with a heavy bass.

Plan ahead

Many people experience road rage when they are running late. If more people avoided being late, they might have less road rage.

By adding ten minutes to the expected travel time, most drivers have enough time to stop for petrol, navigate detours, and plan their way around small delays. It also helps to plan clothing, pack lunches, and prepare briefcases the night before.

Remember... It's not personal

Remember, just because another driver has cut someone up, it is not personal. If a car is braking erratically, it usually is not because of the car behind them. Drivers should remember that everyone is human and people do make mistakes. Try to shrug it off and not take it personally so as to remain calm and avoid road rage.

The more road rage drivers experience, the worse their health may end up being in the long run. People prone to angry outbursts are more likely to have heart attacks and other severe health problems. By keeping things in perspective, road rage can be cut significantly.