Ten items You Should Always Carry in Your Car

No matter how often you drive or the conditions you expect to encounter, it's important to ensure you are prepared for most eventualities to remain safe and comfortable on the road. We recommend keeping the below items in your car at all times to help in any motoring situation.

  1. A charged mobile phone to call your breakdown cover provider should your car experience a fault, or the emergency services if you've been involved in an accident
  2. Spare oil, windscreen washer fluid and engine coolant, to keep your vehicle running smoothly and to maintain full visibility
  3. A torch to inspect your car should you break down at night or in darkness, such as in a tunnel
  4. Jump leads to start your battery if it becomes flat
  5. A shovel for clearing snow from around your car should you become immobile during winter
  6. An ice scraper for clearing windows before starting your journey
  7. A portable air compressor to inflate a slow-leaking tyre, which gives you enough time to reach a garage
  8. A first aid kit for minor injuries
  9. Warm clothing and blankets in the event of a breakdown and need to leave the vehicle
  10. Water to remain hydrated while waiting for assistance

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