Tips for learners and new drivers

New drivers may have feelings of excitement, nervousness, and fear when they get behind the wheel. These feelings are normal since operating a motor vehicle is a major responsibility. Here are some helpful tips for new drivers:

Learner Drivers - Pay attention to limits

New drivers may have a basic understanding of driving out on the open road, but that does not mean that they are fully prepared for everything with which the roads might present them.

There are a number of factors, including but not limited to: other drivers on the roads, the weather, road conditions, and vehicle malfunction. The key is for new drivers to know that they have limits and to accept them. As they practice driving, they will get more comfortable out on the roads.

Get some help

Not every new driver will have the opportunity to drive every single day, so it can take a while for him or her to get more comfortable behind the wheel. That is why getting as much practice as possible is essential. Learners and new drivers alike may benefit from enrolling in a driving course that allows them to practice in a variety of situations and road conditions.

Choosing a roadworthy car as your first car

It is the driver's responsibility to make sure his or her car is roadworthy. The European New Car Assessment Programme (NCAP) helps drivers to understand the safety performance and risks associated with some of the most popular cars sold throughout the EU and UK. The reviews include crash test reports, safety feature explanations, and other assessments.

Drive defensively not aggressively

Drivers should remember that they are not the only people on the road. There are many people out there behind the wheel and some of them may be irresponsible, inattentive, or aggressive drivers. It is important, not only for new drivers and those learning, to drive defensively and to watch out for the other drivers on the roads. Driving defensively includes maintaining a safe following distance, checking mirrors, and anticipating potential hazards.

Be responsible in your new car

Anyone with a car must make sure that the car has a valid tax disc and proper car insurance. It is also important, however, to take other steps to ensure the safety of the car and those out on the road. Never get behind the wheel after ingesting alcohol or any medication that might impair the ability to drive safely. It is also never a good idea to drive if you are feeling especially tired.