Adjusting to driving on the 'wrong' side of the road

Driving holidays have always been a popular choice with families, adventure-seekers, and those who just don't want to travel too far. If you venture outside of the UK, you might find yourself in a European country where they drive on the right. There's no need to panic - we've got some advice on settling into this new routine.

First and most important, remain calm and focused. If you're agitated about adjusting to the 'wrong' side of the road, you're much more likely to make the driving mistakes you're concerned about. Remember to turn the right way whenever you exit a car park or fuel station by reminding yourself of your surroundings.

Taking your own car on holiday ensures that all of the controls, dials and switches are where you expect them to be. When choosing a hire car, make sure you're familiar and comfortable with where everything is before you set off. In left-hand drive cars, the pedals will be in the same order as you're used to - this is one of the most important things to remember.

Look out for your position relative to the road markings, lines and other traffic. You won't be in the same place on the road that you're used to, so a keen spatial awareness of your car is essential. Roundabouts and left-hand turns will probably become the most difficult to navigate, and extra care should be taken on larger roads and motorways.

As you're on holiday, you might be tempted to celebrate and relax with something to drink. Even aside from the stricter drink driving laws in Europe, there's always the potential that you'll forget which side of the road to drive on. Keep a clear head and remain aware of where you are.

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