Carnet de Passage – driving outside Europe

With superb connections to mainland Europe, driving across the continent is relatively straightforward. However, there are additional considerations should you wish to take your car outside Europe, most notably obtaining a Carnet de Passage (customs document).

What is a Carnet de Passage?

A Carnet de Passage is an internationally-recognised document that enables the holder to avoid duty charges when temporarily importing their vehicle into a country that requires a deposit to be paid against import charges. It also provides security for the payment of customs duties and import taxes should your vehicle not be re-exported.

The paper is therefore a vital document to obtain before setting off on your journey, and one that all UK residents who own a UK registered vehicle can get hold of.

Where can I get it?

RAC is the only issuer of the Carnet de Passage in the UK, and your application for the document can be made online. Click here [U1] to visit the RAC website for further details and to submit your application.

It's important when travelling by car in any foreign country that you are fully prepared for differing road conditions, laws and practices, and this includes ensuring your vehicle is up to the task. Contact your relevant Lookers marque for a service before you next venture abroad.