De-stress on your drive

Embarking on a long car trip can be a relaxing experience for some, while others find long journeys to be quite stressful. There is no doubt that the dangers of the highway can be somewhat stressful, but there are plenty of ways to de-stress, while driving, which will help keep the trip fun for everyone.

Prepare well for your trip

Taking a little time to plan ahead for a long car trip can do much to ease any possible stress. For example, be sure to get plenty of rest the night before a long drive, while taking frequent breaks along the way will help avoid fatigue, which will only exacerbate the situation.

It is also a good idea to try and make an early start to the trip, as this can often help avoid the pressure of rushing to get to the destination by a specific time.

Another way for drivers to prepare well in advance of a continental car trip is to acquaint themselves with the rules of the roads they will be travelling. Plotting out the routes they intend to travel and enquiring about local traffic laws will help avoid potential problems when on the road.

Vehicles should be given a thorough inspection before the trip, in order to ensure they are ready for the journey. Learning about and rectifying possible mechanical issues ahead of time will help prevent possible breakdowns on the way.

Show courtesy to other road users

Drivers who interact well with other road users typically enjoy a less stressful journey.

Keeping alert to the movements of other vehicles, staying out of their blind spots and avoiding making gestures of frustration can do much to ease the possible irritation of a long road trip. Showing friendly manners to other drivers who are merging or turning is another way of reducing stress and avoids situations that can contribute to road rage.

Create a relaxing atmosphere in your vehicle

Ideally, a car ride should be a relaxing way of travelling on holiday. To ensure that this is so, select relaxing music that suits the resting heart rate and circulate air throughout the vehicle. It is also helpful for drivers to talk with fellow passengers, ahead of time, to discuss possible causes of stress and how to avoid them on the trip. Enlisting the help of passengers to watch for road signs and rest areas can take much of the stress off of the driver, who is then free to focus on the road.