A Norwegian coastal road trip

The breathtaking scenery on Norway's coast makes for an absolutely spectacular road trip. Starting from the city of Bergen, nicknamed the "gate to the fjords", would be an incredible beginning to your holiday. It is cushioned between seven mountains, and only one hour away from the opening to the world's second deepest fjord, the 179 kilometre-long Hardangerfjord.

So what do you need to know about driving in Norway? The first major, probably obvious, difference is the fact that they drive on the right-hand side of the road. This can take some getting used to, so take extra care when you begin driving.

The major changes in comparison to British roads are their size and the speed limits. Roads in Norway are very small, and even some of the West's lifeline networks are single-lanes. Due to the size and number of bends in them, the maximum speed limit is only 80km/h - the perfect pace for really taking in all of the fabulous scenery that you'll encounter.

A day road trip from Bergen to the small island of Stord, will allow you to take in the fantastic coastal nature that this part of Norway has to offer. Its roads meander along steep cliffs, where the sheer rocks plummet down into a narrow stretch of deep, dark-blue sea water. Therefore, taking a car that's agile is a good idea, as the many bends will become tiresome if the car is not as responsive as it should be.

The charm of the West Coast is its stark isolation – you see people living on a tiny islands dotted close to the mainland, and you won't ever get very far without needing to take a ferry. Contrary to popular belief, this part of Norway can be as warm as 25 degrees during the summer months, so it may be an idea to rent a convertible or a car with air con throughout your stay.

Norway is a fantastic country to explore by road, and with the right preparation and car choice you can ensure you make the most of every minute. For further advice on driving abroad, contact us at Lookers.