Driving in west Germany

If you're a thrill seeker looking to test a fast car or motorbike, Germany's roads are the best option in Europe. Why? Because there is no set motorway speed limit. The people who hail from the land of BMWs and Porsches certainly enjoy life in the fast lane.

To justify this, Germany's roads are usually impeccably smooth, so you'll be able to enjoy a smooth and speedy journey. Care is needed, of course, when driving quickly, especially for since we are used to 70mph top speed limits here in Britain. We advise you only drive at a speed you are comfortable with, and that you take extra care initially so that you get used to differences like overtaking on the right rather than the left.

It's not only the fast motorways that are worth exploring on a holiday to the most westerly point of Germany. Small country roads offer beautiful, rural scenery, with cows grazing on fields containing curiously Dutch-looking windmills. On these roads, drivers should be extra vigilent for wildlife and keep a close eye out for cyclists as it's a popular way to get around there.

A quick jump over the border is also very worthwhile, if it is only to take in the differing styles of houses, pubs and infrastructure that the most easterly part of the Netherlands has to offer. If you choose to do so, remember that the speed limits are back in place, at 130km/h on motorways.
Enjoy a very different road trip to Germany where the need for speed is tangible, and where the orderly nature of German drivers and the near-flawless road surfaces make it an extremely enjoyable experience.

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