Fuel costs across Europe

The changing prices at the pumps are a concern for every motorist, and this becomes more of a consideration when driving abroad. Differences in cost and currency conversion can make it harder to work out how much you're actually paying to top up your tank.

There are a number of websites which track the costs of fuel in different countries, and the results may be surprising

As of July 2014, the UK was the third most expensive [U1] European country to purchase fuel in. It's behind Italy and Norway, the latter of which has been the most costly for some time.

What this means for drivers heading across Europe is that they would do better to wait and top up their fuel level once they've left the UK. As long as there's enough in the tank to get to the first fuel stop, noticeable savings can be achieved.

In comparison, some of the cheapest places to buy include Poland, Austria and Switzerland. Low prices on forecourt signs can also be found in Luxembourg for both diesel and unleaded, should you decide to travel in that direction.

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