Navigate European toll roads with ease

Toll roads are few and far between in the UK, with the London Congestion Charge area and the M6 toll road in Birmingham marking the most notable routes that carry a fee. However, such roads are far more popular across mainland Europe, so don't get caught out next time you're travelling across the continent.

Plan your route

When you've chosen a destination to visit, plan your route carefully and make a note of any toll roads along the way so you can prepare to stop and make a payment. Paying the fee is in most cases a quick process, but if you're on a tight schedule it's wise to factor in your expected stops to ensure you arrive on time.

Be ready to pay

Some toll stations involve paying with cash, and by gathering a healthy collection of Euro coins and putting them aside just for tolls, you avoid holding up motorists as you search for cents.

Now, many routes include automatic tool systems that don't require cash, and instead use number plate recognition to charge the driver. If you're planning to rent a car, be sure to discuss who is responsible for the cost before leaving so you don't encounter any unexpected charges.

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