Road trip games to keep the kids occupied

Anyone who takes their families away for a summer break may be searching for ways to keep their youngsters entertained on the trip. Some of the classic car games that have served children well in years gone by are still hard to beat as a way of keeping them occupied on a long drive.

Licence plate games

A well-known game for keeping kids entertained is to find letters of the alphabet in the licence plates of other vehicles. The key is to find the alphabet in chronological order, so one child may find "A" and then the next child will try to find a "B" and so on. Another option is to search for licence plates from other countries. An adult can keep a list of the locations they have found, so that a winner can be announced at the end of the game.

Roadside counting

Counting items along the road is another simple but effective way of keeping children occupied on the trip. Looking for certain car models, such as Volkswagen Beetles and counting them can be a simple game; the first to find 10 of the model on the trip wins. Other things to count along the way include, roadside stalls, attraction signs, animals, cars of a certain colour or highway signs.

Alphabet spotting

To play this game, the children will need to be able to identify the letters of the alphabet. All they need to do is find the letters of the alphabet, in the correct order, on any sign along the road. Advertising hoardings, road signs, city advertisements and stores are all excellent sources. Parents should make sure that the kids take turns finding the letters, so that one child does not have the task of finding all 26 on his or her own.

Memory games

Vocal games that test children's memories are a good choice on car rides. For example, an adult can begin the game with one item they are bringing on the trip that begins with "A". Then, each child can repeat the "A" item and then add their own, beginning with "B", "C", "D" and so on. As the list gets longer, all the passengers will have fun trying to remember each item.

Learning about geography

A road trip is an excellent time to brush up on basic geography. Adults can help children learn about the natural features they pass along the way, including rivers, lakes and mountains. Following along with a printed map can also add details about each area you are passing through.