Make sure you know the new Spanish driving laws

New laws were implemented in May 2014 which could have implications for UK drivers using a car on holiday in Spain.

The speed limit on certain motorways is being raised from 120km/h to 130km/h – however, in some towns the limit will be lowered from 30km/h to 20km/h. Add to this that speeding fines will apply for exceeding the limit even by 1km/h, and drivers will need to remain completely aware of how quickly they are travelling at all times.

There is a fine of €600 and six-point penalty for 'very serious' speeding offences, and lesser offences are punished almost as strictly with the same point number and a €500 fine. If a speed camera detector or radar inhibitor of any kind is fitted to the car, the driver will incur six points on their licence and a fine of up to €6,000.

As for drink driving, the advice for drivers is always not to ingest alcohol at all. Being caught at any level over the legal limit, or under the influence of drugs, will result in a four-point penalty. The fine increases at double the limit or more.
In the event that the vehicle is involved in a serious offence and the national police authority is not told who was driving at the time, a fine of as much as €1,800 applies.

Should the Guardia Civil observe an offence, they do not need to stop the vehicle. Noting down the registration number now gives them enough evidence to prosecute. The Guardia Civil also has the power to seize any vehicle which is carrying children but not fitted with legally-compliant child seats.
There are more guidelines on driver responsibility for cyclists, licences and insurance. If you are ever unsure, please speak with an expert at Lookers before heading off on your driving holiday.