Tips for Saving Money When Driving Abroad

A driving holiday may be a more cost-effective alternative to paying over the odds for summer flights. To make even more savings on cross-country journeys, try some of the following tips:

  • If possible, use your own car. You'll save on the cost of hiring a car, and you'll have more flexibility as to what times you can travel and how far.
  • Invest in breakdown cover. Many UK breakdown insurance policies extend their cover to Continental driving.
  • Plan a route that avoids toll roads. Driving for the sheer enjoyment of the journey and without a particular destination can be nice, as long as tolls and fines don't block your path.
  • Watch your speed. There are several things to watch out for: speeds shown in km rather than miles, different speed limits on different types of road, and even limit changes as you pass from country to country. In most of Europe the police can issue on-the-spot fines for speeding.
  • Look up fuel costs before you go. In the midst of packing and remembering to have all of the correct paperwork, checking how much fuel will cost is a task that can be frequently overlooked.

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