Your checklist for driving abroad

Here at Lookers, we have compiled a checklist for you to complete before you decide to drive off into a foreign sunset.

1. Are you allowed to drive in this country?

Some countries do not accept a full, clean UK driving licence, so make sure you check the laws before you go. You may need to apply for extra documents so you can drive your car overseas.

2. Breakdown cover

Don't let a breakdown ruin your holiday. Check the terms and conditions of your breakdown cover and see if you are protected outside of the UK. It is also a good idea to let your car insurance company know that you plan to drive your car while you are away, so that they can inform you of their policies.

3. Local laws

There are various laws you'll need to know about other than simply driving on the opposite side of the road. You must make sure that you check local laws, speed limits and restrictions before you drive overseas. You can check all of these on both the AA and RAC websites.

4. Car insurance

This is an essential check. Most insurance policies cover a third party as standard overseas, but you may need to pay a little extra to be protected to the level you are in the UK. If you are planning on hiring a car abroad you also need to check your insurance.

5. Important documents

Some countries require different paperwork to the UK. You will most likely need your full driving licence, even if you have a Green Card or International Driving Permit. You can get more country specific advice from the Foreign and Commonwealth website.

For any more tips or advice on driving abroad, contact our helpful team at Lookers. You can make an enquiry online or call us to speak to a Lookers advisor directly.