Greener Driving

Car Advice on Electric Cars and Fuel Efficient Driving

With more and more global car manufacturers producing greener and more fuel efficient cars, the options between petrol, diesel, hybrid and full electric cars are expanding at a vast rate. But... with many choices come many questions. So our Lookers Car Guide is here to help, designed to navigate you through the various questions and topics surrounding these greener and electric cars, from knowledge on their fuel cell, recharging stations and their locations throughout the UK, the expected maintenance costs for electric cars and more.

Tips on Improved Fuel Efficiency

Our Lookers Car Guides are also geared to those drivers and car owners who don't yet own a new model - designed for improved fuel efficiency - but who still want guidance on how they can improve their car fuel economy based on their existing vehicle. The Lookers Car Guides shown here will help identify which driving patterns can help you reduce wastage, improve your fuel economy, and provide a greener drive for the environment.