How planning each car journey could help save fuel

Making more thorough preparations before setting off on each new journey could help drivers reduce their long-term fuel consumption levels. Here are some options:

Sat nav

Taking a wrong turn or becoming lost en route can use up more fuel – making use of a sat nav could help avoid wasted time and energy.

The initial expense of the system will be more than recouped in economy and efficient running, particularly for drivers who make frequent longer journeys.

Traffic monitoring

If you're planning a trip a few days in advance, the Transport Direct website [U1] can advise on when will be most suitable to travel.

It displays predicted volumes of traffic for the date, time and region you search for. Website users can also search for available parking spaces at their destination.

Live road updates

Traffic England [U2] provides online updates as part of the Highways Agency's real-time traffic reporting. Live interactive mapping displays roadworks and lane closures, congestion and adverse weather warnings, giving motorists the opportunity to work around these obstacles before even setting off.

Future information is also available, so users can anticipate planned road closures for travel on a later date.

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