Go Greener on your Daily Commute

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

A Greener Drive to Work

Driving to work every day can be a stressful and expensive experience. Even if your journey is hassle-free, the environmental costs of motoring back and forth every day should make you consider greener alternatives. After all, CO2 emissions from cars are a significant factor in climate change, and even the greenest vehicles have a carbon footprint.

Get some exercise

If your commute is a couple of miles or less, then there are few valid excuses for not walking to work. The additional time will be offset by the health benefits, and this is a perfect way to fit exercise into your day and to lose any excess weight. You will also probably enjoy it! Make sure that you have suitable footwear and a high visibility jacket for the winter.

Cycling to work is fantastic exercise too, and you can cover longer distances in a shorter time than walking. Having somewhere to keep your helmet and a change of clothes at work, plus a secure place for your bike is handy. Many employers encourage cycling schemes and provide the necessary facilities, and often an interest-free loan to buy a bicycle.

Both of these will have a positive impact on reducing your carbon footprint.

Use Public transport

In towns and cities it is usually more convenient to use the bus, tram or underground than to drive a car. Public transport, however, can often be a good alternative for less obvious commutes. It is just a matter of breaking long-term habits.

Sometimes it is only when your car has broken down that you discover the alternative modes of transport. Suddenly you discover that there is a convenient bus route or train line you can use, and you realise it could be cheaper, as well as better for the environment. Some UK cities have brought back the old tram systems, and alternatives such as river ferries can be a delightful way to get to work.

Car sharing

If there is no alternative to driving to work, you can still save money and be greener by sharing the journey with a colleague or two. Car sharing is an increasingly popular activity, and can work very well when people share the same working hours and live near each other.

There are local car sharing schemes and clubs, and you may even find that your company or organisation runs its own. As long as the costs are shared equally and everyone sticks to a few ground rules, car sharing is a great idea.

Drive a Hybrid or Electric Car

More and more car manufacturers are producing greener vehicles, in the form of hybrid or fully electric cars. These cars are significantly greener than their petrol or diesel counterparts, cheaper to run, yet still maintain the high level of comfort and style people have been accustomed to when buying new cars.

Lookers Green Cars

At Lookers a number of our manufacturer brands advocate electric and hybrid cars including the likes of; Lexus with their new CT200H - dubbed the 'world's first full hybrid luxury compact car'; Renault have their new ZE Range of electric cars; Nissan produced the Leaf; and Peugeot with their iOn. Take a look at our range of New Car brands to find your next greener car.

New Twizy - ZE Range of Electric cars from Renault

Lexus CT200H - Hybrid car range