Earth day could positively affect your daily commute

April the 22nd, now widely known as Earth Day, saw many pledging to think green for the entirety of the day. Some cities honed in on reducing car emissions, by giving some interesting advice about how everyday commuters can change their habits simply and easily.

It is easy to be a little cynical about Earth Day, asking why people should only make an effort to reduce emissions once a year. Many, however, argue that one day of thinking green reveals just how easy it is to make it part of a daily routine.

The Canadian city of Calgary, for instance, encouraged employees to have a greener attitude when driving by setting up a drive simulator at Olympic Plaza. This showed participants how having the right tyre pressure, and not putting your foot all the way down on the throttle, would save up to 20% of fuel.

Robin Suave of Environment Programs and Services at City of Calgary said of the initiative: "The first thing is to keep your tyres at the right pressure, because that reduces how much gas you need to use, as well as the emissions that it lets out. Also, make sure you're not carrying extra loads. If there's something in your trunk that's really heavy, take it out, because if you don't need it, then all that does is drag and you use more gas."

One of the participants who benefited from the lunch time scheme, pointed to the fact that a 10% saving on Calgary's fuel consumption was equivalent to 4.2 million litres of gasoline annually or $4.2 million.

If you're an Earth Day sceptic, therefore, give it a go next year, or why not arrange your own one in the office? It's an eye-opener for many, and being more conscious of speed, braking, unnecessary loads and tyre pressure will save you a lot of money. Find out more at Lookers.