Driving tips to lessen your carbon footprint

Economise on fuel and reduce CO2 emissions

Small changes to your driving style can make a huge difference to fuel consumption. By considering the below points next time you hit the road, you can save money and lessen your carbon footprint.

  • Drive with the windows up
    • This reduces drag and makes your fuel consumption more efficient.
  • No traffic light grand prix
    • Don't race to beat traffic lights, as this is not only an unnecessary waste of fuel but can also be dangerous.
  • Limit your air conditioning
    • Air conditioning systems should only be used when completely necessary, as they contribute to extra fuel usage.
  • Don't leave your engine running
    • If you expect to be stationary in traffic for some time or are parked up waiting for a passenger, remember to switch your engine off.
  • Keep your speed down
    • Driving at speeds over 70mph will not only burn through your tank a lot faster but also increase your emissions hugely. Financially speaking, it can cost you up to 25 percent more in fuel to drive at 70mph compared to 50mph.
  • Accelerate and brake smoothly
    • Speeding away and braking heavily can burn through up to 30 percent more fuel, and it also increases the strain placed on your vehicle.
  • Think about your speed
    • While ensuring you observe speed limits, be conscious of the fact that most vehicle pollution is released when you travel at speeds of less than 15mph. Carbon emissions lessen as you accelerate to 60mph and increase again at speeds above 60mph

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