Government plug-in car and van grants explained

As part of an initiative to promote the use of plug-in vehicles across Britain, the government is offering motorists grants for both cars and vans, with the opportunity to save thousands of pounds on a brand new model.

What's included?

With a plug-in car grant, 25 percent is taken off the cost up to a maximum of £5,000, while van grants cut 20 percent off up to a value of £8,000. The 'cost' comprises the full price to purchase, including vehicle excise duty, VAT and number plates. Not covered are any optional extras, such as registration fees and delivery charges.

Which vehicles are eligible?

Vehicles eligible for a grant include:

  • electric vehicles (EVs) which are powered by batteries alone and plug into a mains socket to be charged;
  • plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEV) which combine a petrol or diesel unit with a rechargeable battery; and
  • hydrogen fuel cell vehicles.

How can I claim a grant?

Benefitting from a grant is straightforward, as all Lookers dealerships that stock EVs and plug-in vehicles will automatically deduct the amount from the model's price. There's no application form to fill in, and we'll complete all the paperwork on your behalf.

For further details on the grants and to discover which eligible models are available from Lookers' dealerships, contact your nearest showroom to speak with our advisors.