'Green' car features to look out for when buying

Today's green cars have a host of features designed to boost economy and bring emissions down, in addition to their refined engines. When buying your next car, look for the below features and equipment to enjoy lower running costs and greater peace of mind.

Low rolling resistance tyres

A car's tyres make a large contribution to fuel consumption, as they add resistance to the vehicle. Low rolling resistance tyres have been designed to reduce the amount of energy needed to roll the tyres, meaning the car doesn't need to work as hard and therefore uses less fuel.

Start/stop system

Start/stop systems switch a vehicle's engine off when it's sat idle, for example in traffic, and switches it back on when you press the accelerator to pull away. Turning the engine off reduces the amount of CO2 being emitted, and over the car's lifetime these small stops add up to far fewer emissions.

Regenerative braking

Regenerative braking saves kinetic energy typically lost through braking and converts it to electricity, which is then used to re-charge the car's battery. This reduces the strain on the alternator and therefore the engine, lowering fuel consumption in the process.


A car with good aerodynamics will face less opposing force as it drives forward, meaning less effort is needed from the engine. Those with a streamlined shape and a rear spoiler will perform better in this area, so look for these elements next time you buy.

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