How choosing a more efficient car helps the environment

Every vehicle, whether powered by petrol, diesel, electric, hydrogen or a hybrid system, claims a CO2 emissions level.

In full electric cars this can go as low as zero, and models that meet certain limits earn exemption from road taxes and charges such as the London Congestion Charge. The impact on company car tax liability also makes a cleaner vehicle a more cost-effective choice for business motoring.

As a general rule, the lower the CO2 emissions the 'greener' the car is. When fossil fuels burn, such as petrol within an engine, the combustion releases an amount of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. One of the primary concerns with emissions is the 'greenhouse effect' – how much the gas has an impact on climate change.

Trees usually absorb carbon dioxide during photosynthesis, but the number of vehicles on the road has reached such a high level that this is becoming more difficult. Recent flooding, patterns of drought and a lack of snow in many parts of the UK recently show that the subject of climate change is becoming much more of a prominent issue.

Carbon dioxide emissions are by no means new, as the use of fossil fuels such as petrol, diesel and coal has become more prolific ever since the Industrial Revolution. What manufacturers are doing now is making low-emission vehicles much more of a priority.

Many authorised Lookers dealerships across the country can provide a selection of new and Approved Used cars with low or zero CO2 emissions. Get in touch with your nearest team today to find out more.