How regular servicing keeps your car 'greener'

Drivers who want to keep an eye on their fuel economy might press more lightly on the accelerator or turn their air con down as a first thought. However, one of the often overlooked ways to keep your car running cleanly is to have it serviced frequently.

Maintenance of your vehicle according to the manufacturer's guidelines is the best way to ensure that the engine is working as efficiently as possible. Always use the recommended oil in your engine - alternatives may be cheaper, but they'll reduce the car's effectiveness in the long-term. Never ignore the warning lights that pop up on your instrument panel, as they could indicate a problem that's impacting on your fuel consumption.

Check your tyres frequently, and have them checked whenever you take your model in for servicing. Running on tyres that aren't inflated and balanced properly will have an effect on how much fuel you use - that's even aside from the potential danger involved.

Other parts of your car, such as the transmission, brakes and spark plugs, can also draw on your fuel consumption if they're not working at their best. Even if it's not time for your annual MOT, ask the technician at the service centre to give your model a thorough health check. Should any of these issues pop up, have them fixed as soon as you can.

If you'd like some more advice, or want to book your car in for manufacturer-approved servicing, please get in touch with Lookers. Our network of dealerships represents a wide range of global manufacturers, meaning we have the expertise and equipment to support you.