How to get more out of your fuel

By driving in an eco-friendly way, you can save money and reduce the CO2 emissions and pollution that your car discharges.

Maintenance is the first step to ensuring your car is running as efficiently as possible. Be sure to get your car serviced regularly at your local Lookers garage and check your engine oil and tyres are in line with your manufacturer's guide.

Before you set off, make sure your car is light and your journey is planned. Lose any extra weight in the boot that is not essential to your journey. You should also streamline your car by removing roof racks and boxes that will add any wind resistance. Planning your journey will also save you fuel; knowing the most direct route will help you avoid getting lost and wasting time and fuel.

When driving, it is important to accelerate and decelerate smoothly and change your gears up early. This will decrease the pressure on your engine labour. Remember that electricity will also eat up your fuel; turn off your headlights and windscreen demisters when they are not necessary.

Stay on top of your fuel consumption by measuring how much you use. You can do so by filling your tank and recording your mileage. Divide your total mileage since your fill by the number of litres you have used, then multiply this by 4.546 to get your miles per gallon (mpg).

By following these simple rules you could save more than 10 percent on fuel. If you would like your car serviced or have any questions on green driving, contact Lookers or visit one of our dealerships located across England and Wales. We have a dedicated and professional aftersales team who will help you save on your fuel costs.