Maintaining An Electric Car

Looking after a fully electric vehicle can frequently work out to be simpler and most cost-effective than maintaining a traditionally-powered car.

The inclusion of a motor and battery within an electric car means there are fewer internal components to the model than if a petrol or diesel engine were fitted. Specifically, there are fewer moving parts, meaning the number of items suffering from wear over time will be lower.

These components are also typically covered by specialist warranties against corrosion and electrical issues. There's no need to inspect valves and pistons, or to make sure that the oil is regularly changed and topped up.

As a consequence, the point at which your model requires scheduled maintenance may be further in the future. The range of electric cars and the battery life are attractive – in some cases, the life of a rechargeable battery could be as much as 100,000 miles. Batteries are designed to last for the running life of the vehicle in many cases. The inclusion of intelligent regenerative braking systems also places less stress and wear on the brakes.

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