Saving money while going green

Driving with the environment in mind doesn't just save the planet - it reduces the amount of money spent on fuel and maintenance too. It's incredible just how much you can save by taking a few simple steps to reduce the environmental impact if your driving.

For instance, there are many differing ways to improve the fuel economy of your vehicle. You can save fuel (and therefore emissions and money) if you change gears at lower revs, as it stops your engine from overworking. We recommend you change when the rev counter reaches around 2,000rpm for diesel, and 2,500rpm for petrol. Changing gears earlier will also help keep your clutch and gearbox running smoothly for longer.

You can improve fuel economy when driving at high speeds. If you have cruise control, be sure to use it when on flat terrain, as it helps to maintain a steady speed which otherwise varies quite a bit. If you accelerate quickly, only to brake hard, you'll have cut your fuel efficiency by around 33 percent, so it's definitely worth doing. Switching off your vehicle, where safe, when stationary will also mean you're reducing emissions and fuel consumption at every opportunity.

Thinking carefully about your daily driving is greener, quick and easy and will save you a lot in the future. Keep checking back for more tips.