Simple ways to reduce your carbon footprint

Reducing your car's emissions isn't rocket science, but sometimes we forget how the little things can add up to a big global difference. Environmental scientists have estimated that several thousand pounds of CO2 could be saved over the course of a year if more people practiced eco-friendly driving. On a side note, you also stand to reduce your car's impact on your wallet by dramatically slashing the time between fuel top-ups.

Sitting idle is an obvious habit drivers can fall into when they're collecting friends or stuck in traffic. According to the Ford Eco-driving programme, it takes just 20 seconds of idling for a car to require more gas than it would by restarting.

A less obvious eco-friendly principle is to reconsider your parking etiquette in cities. Rather than driving in circles to find the perfect parking spot, pulling into the first position you see could cut your time in the car by ten minutes and reduce your CO2 imprint by five pounds as a result.

Driving with your windows open rather than the air conditioning on can also be beneficial. The extra fuel used for air conditioning can account for a significant increase in emissions, so the choice between air-cooling techniques is easy.

Sudden acceleration and braking will influence your total emissions, too. Slowing down ahead of time when the lights go red and smoothing out your speed increases is better for both the environment and your car's durability.

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