The advantages of plug-in electric cars

Electric cars are making waves in the UK market - take the Nissan LEAF and Renault ZOE as just two examples. With the public charging point network continuing to grow, and home installation much simpler, there are even more reasons to consider a fully electric vehicle.

The vast majority of new models will be offered with installation of a home charging point. British Gas provides special deals on installation packages, including a limited-time free offer, getting drivers up and running in no time. Charging your electric car overnight is the easy and cost-effective option, as prices per kilowatt hour are generally less than they are during the day.

Then there's the advantage of actually driving on full electric power. Charged-up models claim an impressive range, and emit zero emissions on the move. If you need to make a quick top up, there are more charging points available around the UK than ever before. Quick charging can get you back up to 80 percent battery in around 30 minutes.

Drivers who choose an electric car, whether for private or business use, can enjoy exemption from certain road taxes and charges.

The London Congestion Charge is waived for motorists with full electric vehicles, and company taxes and VAT bills may be reduced for businesses across the UK.

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