Car Leasing Information

Advice on leasing a car

Read through one of our Lookers Car Guides to find out more about car leasing options and the benefits for both private and business drivers. This decision is just as important as any other motoring choice you may make, so we understand you will want to be fully informed before committing to any lease agreement.

Choosing to lease a vehicle can frequently be more cost-effective and convenient than buying a new car outright. It benefits customers who may not have the funds available immediately for the model they need, as well as those who like to experience a brand-new vehicle every so often.

In the long-term, leasing can be more affordable – primarily because depreciation in the car's value is not a concern. At the end of the lease term, assuming that you have met all of the conditions of the lease you can simply hand the model back.

Types of car lease and the benefits

A number of different solutions exist to give you more choice and flexibility. There are types of lease tailored to commercial and business drivers, with others that are more suited to private motorists and family car drivers. Our guides will take you through the pros and cons of each leasing agreement, including typical payment plans and the tax implications, to help you make up your mind.

Click on a car leasing guide below to see further information. When you are ready to choose a vehicle on a lease agreement from Lookers, please speak to the team at your nearest dealership.