Avoiding depreciation with a car lease

It is only in extremely rare cases that vehicles increase in value during their lifetime – for example, if the model is the last remaining one of its kind. In most circumstances, over time the value of a car depreciates. Drivers who purchase a car outright take on this risk, and will usually not know what the model will sell for until the time comes.

Leasing a vehicle, with the option or eventuality of returning it at the end of the agreement, avoids the burden of depreciation on the user. There's no need to carefully pick and choose from the models which are known for strong continued value – it simply will not matter.

The current residual values and costs of funding on many vehicles mean that lease terms available today are attractively competitive. In some cases, you could find that you pay less over a fixed-term contract than if you had purchased the car and then sold it on after the same time period.

This prospect is enhanced by added manufacturer discounts, fixed-price servicing plans and other attractive benefits available with many models on lease. With servicing and maintenance cheaper or even provided for free, you stand to save even more.

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