Car leasing advice

For many motorists, the benefits of car leasing agreements stack up quickly. Cost is certainly the most noticeable benefit, with many finance options offering very competitive rates based on individual needs.

The vehicle's owner – such as the dealer - takes care of the maintenance, and the varieties of lease available represent a greater spread of options for drivers on a budget. Fixed-rate deals are also designed to appeal to those battling the effects of the economic situation, giving a constant and predictable amount to work into personal finances.

There are three popular methods of leasing a car. Hire Purchase (HP) involves a deposit followed by monthly instalments, ending with a final payment after which the driver owns the vehicle fully.

Personal Contract Hire (PCH) is similar, but the vehicle is returned to the owner at the end of the agreed period rather than kept by the motorist.

A Personal Contract Purchase (PCP) gives the customer a higher degree of choice. Following the payment and lease period, the driver can: return the car with no further consequences, return the car and put the possible increased value towards a new car in a PCP deal, or pay an arranged amount to transfer ownership of the vehicle.

The motorist must remain conscious of the condition of the leased car. Neglect of the cabin leading to minor interior damage would do the same. However, for the conscientious motorist, the array of leasing options available allow for the experience of a range of vehicles without having to pay too high a price.

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