Car leasing for business - the advantages

To keep your company mobile and on the move, you may need a single van or a full fleet of executive cars. Every business has different needs - which is why you have the option to lease cars and commercial vehicles rather than buy them outright. There are plenty of benefits to leasing a business car or van:

Vehicles generally only depreciate in value - At whichever point you exchange or sell your model, it'll be worth less than it was brand new - so why buy outright if you'll only make a loss? Payments on lease are also typically less than those on finance for the purchase of a new car.

You'll enjoy a wider selection of models - Brand new vehicles that might otherwise have been out of your price range may be more affordable on lease. You'll also have more opportunities to make upgrades to the latest cars with up-to-date technologies.

Your initial outlay could be reduced - Depending on the type of lease you choose, the deposit you make on the vehicle might be lower. This means that there's less to pay upfront - and there's no obligation to keep the model at the end.

Servicing and maintenance will still be covered by your warranty - The majority of manufacturers now cover you for much more than a year, and could even support you for the full length of your lease. Kia, for example, boasts a seven-year warranty with their vehicles. You might not have any need to worry about your protection ending, as it could well coincide with the time your lease finishes.

You have more flexibility in upgrading and replacing models - As you'll be aware of exactly when your lease ends, you can plan for changes and updates to your fleet. This is something that's much more difficult to do with a new vehicle, as there's no fixed point at which you can easily replace it.

Find out more about your lease options as a business customer at Lookers. We can offer you a wide range of cars and commercial vehicles that are perfectly suited to company use. Please call, visit, or enquire online for further details.