How to lease a car

The allure of leasing a car lies in the fact that you don't pay for the entire cost of the vehicle; you only pay for a specific period. This period may be for two years up to five or six.

When evaluating a leased car, it is a matter of simple arithmetic. You must take into account:

  • Number of months in the lease terms;
  • Cost of each monthly payment;
  • Total initial payment including Capital Cost Reduction; and
  • Any possible additional charges at the end of the lease period.

The price of leasing a car is based on the difference between the estimated price of the vehicle at the end of the lease term and the vehicle's transaction price. This difference is called the 'lease rate'.

When the lease period is over, you can simply return your car to the dealer with no qualms about selling to a private part or worrying about a trade-in at the dealership. If you end up falling in love with your vehicle, most leases offer the option of purchasing the vehicle outright at the end of the contract.

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