Enjoy a more expensive car on Lease Purchase

Many motorists find that selecting their next new car on finance is a more flexible and affordable option than attempting to purchase the vehicle outright. Lease Purchase in particular could widen your model options and give you access to a car that would otherwise have been prohibitively expensive.

Once you've chosen a car, discuss your estimated mileage, preferred term and budget with a finance specialist. Lease Purchase agreements typically last for between 24 and 48 months. A deposit must be paid up front, and a lump sum will be deferred until the end of the term.

As this payment is held for a later date, the monthly repayments you make are likely to be lower than on other finance agreements. Vehicles which hold their value well could also be available with the balance of a larger final sum and relatively lower payment amounts. This potentially puts premium and luxury cars within your chosen price range, particularly those known for low depreciation.

At the end of the agreement, you'll make the final payment to take legal ownership of the car. On a Personal Contract Purchase, for example, this is optional – on Lease Purchase this is compulsory. There is no option to return the vehicle. You must have enough funds to meet the final payment, and an advantage of deferring this amount is that it provides more time to save up.

Whenever you need more car finance advice, speak with a Lookers expert. Contact any of our manufacturer-authorised dealerships across the UK to learn more.