Considering a luxury car? Why leasing makes sense

Most of us would love to own a top-of-the-range luxury model fitted with all the latest features, but for some it's the cost that gets in the way. A lease plan may be the way around this, and here's why.

Depreciation is avoided

With a lease plan, you return your car to the dealership once the terms come to an end, and therefore don't have to face the loss of resale value that comes with depreciation. New luxury cars typically depreciate faster than more affordable alternatives, but this isn't an issue when leasing.

Manufacturer warranties don't expire

If your plan is to enter into a short-term agreement and change cars every couple of years, you will in many cases side-step the cost for maintenance and repairs, as they will be covered by the warranty. This saving can be factored in when deciding on your lease plan terms, with the opportunity to opt for a higher-priced model.

You're first for new tech

The advanced technology that comes with a new luxury car is one major draw, and a lease plan allows you to enjoy the latest features first. With shorter terms, you can update frequently to take ownership of the latest releases and continue getting more car for your money.

Lookers' lineup includes a number of luxury models that apply for superb lease plans, and our experts will help you to choose a vehicle and agreement that suits when you enquire directly.