Should you choose diesel or petrol for your next lease?

There are many aspects to consider when looking to enter a car lease agreement, and one should be whether to opt for a diesel or petrol car. Both performance and cost will be affected depending on the fuel type you choose, and the fact that the vehicle will be returned may sway your decision.

Although diesel is generally more expensive than petrol at the pumps, such cars typically offer greater fuel economy. You should therefore consider the type of driving expected, particularly the distances covered and whether less fuel-efficient trips such as in busy traffic are likely. If most journeys take place on the motorway, a larger diesel unit with a six or seven-speed gearbox would offer superior economy. Short trips around town may be suited to a more compact and energetic powertrain.

If leasing for business, economy and emissions will impact on the amount of benefit in kind (BIK) tax paid, and a diesel will in many cases qualify for a lower amount. However, if a short-term lease is entered into, the difference paid for a petrol model may be negligible.

Before making your decision, it's worth comparing MPG figures of various vehicles and speaking to an advisor about your style of driving, to ensure you receive a car that is both fuel and cost efficient. The experts at Lookers can help you make the right choice, just visit one of our dealerships across the UK for further details.