To lease or not to lease?

The advantages of leasing a car as opposed to buying one are numerous, so if you're due a new purchase it's definitely worth weighing up your financing options.

If you don't have the finances to buy a brand new vehicle, or foresee that your circumstances will be changing in the near future, leasing a model of your choice may be a good idea.

While you usually spend an average of £15,000 on a brand new car, leasing a model in the short- to mid-term involves a lower initial outlay. So long as you don't spend ages leasing a vehicle, you'll likely stay well below the price that you'd have hit immediately if you'd bought it straight away.

The Telegraph recently worked out that the cost of leasing a Mercedes C-Class Sports Saloon would be £8,383.60. At full price, this car would cost £33,000. While of course you won't own the model through leasing, if your funds do not allow you to immediately own your dream model you could lease it while saving up to buy later.

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