Advice for women driving alone

Whether it's warranted or not, women driving alone are often considered to be 'easy targets' for vehicle problems and other issues. The typical image of a damsel in distress with a puncture and no clue what to do exists even now. Even if you're a very confident driver and know what to do if you breakdown, you should still remember to stay safe. Don't be afraid to drive altogether - just follow some of these handy tips:

  • Most breakdowns can be avoided with regular servicing and maintenance. Men and women alike frequently set out without checking the basics of their car. Taking just a few minutes to look at your oil and fluid levels, tyres and other essentials could save you a long wait at the roadside. When you have time, book your car in for servicing at an authorised dealer to keep it running at its best.
  • Know where you're going and how to get there. This seems simple enough, but there are still regular stories in the news of an out-of-date sat nav sending the driver into a field. Have an atlas or other map with you wherever possible - this is also useful if you run into unexpected road closures or maintenance works.
  • Prepare for a breakdown. No driver wants to find themselves on the hard shoulder, but if you've got the right items in the car it'll be easier to deal with. If you can, drive on to a well-lit and busy area rather than stopping in the dark. Carry your mobile phone and make sure it's fully charged, and make sure you've got a torch, money and sensible walking shoes with you.
  • Wait for assistance with your doors locked. Unless you've pulled off the motorway and it's safer to wait behind the barrier, stay in the car. Keep your valuables out of sight and wait for a mechanic to arrive and show their ID. If another driver tries to signal that there's a problem with your vehicle, be wary - the exception here is if you know that the problem exists.

If you'd like more advice on staying safe on the road, come to Lookers. We can also advise you on the most secure and reliable cars from the models that we have in stock. Please call or visit us today for further information.