Choosing a driving instructor

If you feel you'd be more confident learning to drive with a female instructor, it's easy to find driving schools around the UK that offer you this option.

Just as there are taxi and minicab companies that can provide a female driver, having the option of choosing a driving instructor should give you more peace of mind if you're uncertain. It comes down to personal preference and it's entirely up to you.

Driving tuition is one area in which the majority of instructors are still male, and it might seem difficult to find a company that can offer you the option. A quick search online will reveal a number of schools in most regions with at least one female instructor.

Being able to choose a tutor you feel more relaxed with will make learning to drive much easier, as you won't feel stressed or anxious every time you get in the car. It's also good to build a friendly relationship with your instructor, as each lesson will feel more enjoyable and you'll have more enthusiasm when it comes to the test.

Once you've picked an instructor, taken lessons and passed your test, you might well be in the market for a new or Approved Used car – running costs and insurance will of course be considerations. As Lookers proudly represents a wide range of global manufacturers, you can visit us to choose from numerous makes and models and seek more advice.