Driving safely with children in the car

Driving with children in the car presents a different challenge to motoring alone or with adult passengers, and below we give our advice on how to travel safely when youngsters are on board.

Keep them occupied

To prevent children becoming bored and therefore potentially distracting, bring a game or portable device on each journey so they can occupy themselves while you focus on the road. In-car DVD players are available, and with headphones plugged in, you can enjoy quiet and stress-free driving while they watch their favourite film.

Prepare for long journeys

Before setting off on a longer trip, remember to pack food and drink to keep children refreshed and avoid demands to stop to pick up supplies. It's likely toilet breaks will be needed also, so try to plan these into your route beforehand so you're not driving on unfamiliar roads looking for a service station.

Drive with a second adult

If possible, take a second adult with you to keep an eye on younger passengers. They can help to prevent any unruly and distracting behaviour while you keep your eyes on the road.

Don't change your driving style

When it comes to how you drive, having children on board shouldn't change anything. Always keep a good distance between you and the car in front, and never attempt to race traffic lights when they turn yellow. Finally, make sure your vehicle is prepared for each journey by properly maintaining the tyres, oil, and all other essential components.

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