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Dacia Duster

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The Dacia Duster is a straight-up SUV. Dacia, new on the market but with a wealth of experience behind them thanks to Renault's fatherhood, is providing quality at little more than cost price.

How does the Dacia Duster perform on the road?

Dacia understands safety. With electronic brakeforce distribution and emergency brake assist waiting on the sidelines in case of an emergency, the vehicle has a wealth of pre-included benefits which rival all of its competitors.

Not that anything should happen to the Dacia Duster, with electronic stability control an option and traction and understeer control too. A set of 16" steel wheels aid the traction control and create an assured driving experience, and a choice of two or four-wheel drive is also available.

Engine specifications and fuel economy

A resilient 105hp, 1.6-litre Renault petrol engine fires the Dacia Duster, and diesel varieties are also available higher in the range. Reliable and strong, the engine reflects the build of the car in terms of consistency. Renault has a long-standing manufacturing history on which to reference its products. Judging by its success, it would seem the French have found their forte.

Exterior styling

Clearance is good, with 8.3" between the base of the vehicle and the ground, perching the car up on sturdy steel-wheeled tip toes. The build is strong and refined, with most parts having been tested on previous Renault models. Roof bars crest the vehicle and aid streamlining, whilst the front grille has a satisfyingly gritty look. The whole package is a half-tamed wild cat, adept for the wilderness, yet muted, prepared for flitting between urban sprawls.

Interior styling

Curved and angular, the dashboard and driver's seating are tailored towards control and comfort, with dials and gadgets easily viewable and accessible. This goes for the rest of the vehicle, with nice simple curvatures and padded seating to ensure comfort, even when there's five people travelling. Legroom is generous both front and back, and boot space extends to 475 litres, which more than doubles when the back seats fold down.

Summarizing the new Dacia Duster

The Dacia Duster is a people-friendly and simple alternative to larger, more well-known brands. Savvy and youthful, it looks great inside and out. If you'd like to know more, simply contact your local dealer to speak to a member of our friendly team.

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