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Dacia supports home-grown mechanic talent

Romanian carmaker Dacia is partnering with the Mioveni city hall and Arges School Inspectorate in their home territory. The move aims to support the training of new young auto mechanics at the Mioveni Car Manufacturing Technological High School.

Dacia will create two brand new classes, with 14 pupils in the 9 th grade and 28 in the 10th grade – students of around 16 and 17 years old. They will train in both theoretical and practical mechanics, and will have the opportunity to complete an internship at a Dacia factory. Interns will receive a monthly scholarship, free transportation and lunch.

On graduation from high school, the students in these two Dacia-sponsored classes will enjoy priority in applying for and being offered jobs by the manufacturer. The carmaker is also supplying the high school with specialist technical equipment, and the teaching staff will be trained directly by experts from both Dacia and Renault Romania.

A new generation of mechanics is desperately needed to boost the Romanian vehicle production industry. As Dacia president and general manager Nicolas Maure explains: “In the past, in Romania there were technical schools that trained generations of specialists in various professions. These schools have now disappeared and, with them, specialisations that the entire economy needs.

“A tighter bond is needed between the theoretical and practical side when it comes to professional education and we are glad to sign this partnership at Mioveni, in the proximity of Dacia plants."

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