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MOT from £49*

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Components to be inspected

Body or vehicle structure and general items

  • no excessive corrosion or damage
  • no sharp edges
  • towbars: security and condition and correct operation of 13 pin electrical socket
  • speedometer condition and operation
  • engine mountings

Fuel system

  • no leaks
  • security and condition of pipes or hoses
  • fuel cap fastens and seals securely (make sure the key is available)

Exhaust emissions

  • vehicle meets the requirements for exhaust emissions, dependent on the age and fuel type of the vehicle

Exhaust system

  • secure and complete system
  • no serious leaks and is not too noisy

Seat belts

  • condition, operation and security
  • check malfunction indicator lamp (MIL) for air bags and seat belt pre-tensioners


  • can the driver's seat be adjusted?
  • can all seat backs be secured in the upright position?


  • can all the doors lock securely in the closed position?
  • can the front doors open from inside and outside?
  • can the rear doors open from outside the vehicle?
  • check the hinges and catches for security and condition


  • check the condition andensure they are secure

Load security

  • can the boot or tailgate be secured in the closed position?


  • general condition including inappropriate repairs or modifications, operation and performance (efficiency test)
  • check the ABS or electronic stability control (ESC) where fitted. Check electronic stability control, electronic park brake and brake fluid warning

Tyres and wheels

  • condition
  • security
  • tyre size, type and tread depth

Registration plates

  • condition
  • security
  • colour
  • characters correctly formed and spaced


  • condition
  • operation including HID and LED headlamps for cleaning, self-levelling and security
  • headlamp aim
  • main beam warning light


  • does it lock in the closed position?

Wipers and washers

  • check operation of wipers
  • does the driver have a clear view of the road?


  • condition
  • does the driver have a clear view of the road ahead?


  • correct operation

Steering and suspension

  • overall condition of system
  • power steering oil level
  • check for inappropriate repairs or modification including corrosion to power steering pipes or hoses
  • Does the steering lock mechanism work?
  • Check electronic power steering and steering lock

*Price are subject to change without notice and will be different depending on the model. Please contact your local Lookers Dacia for full list of prices.